Know Thyself…

I have been mentally drafting a post about the perils of Compulsive DIY Disease (CDD), aka the need to make and do everything yourself, never accepting shortcuts or help even when it would benefit you (and others) more to NOT do-it-yourself.

But I just spent hours blanching hazelnuts to grind into hazelnut butter so I can make Stephanie Eusebi’s Guilt Free Nutella Cheesecake this weekend.  Because I wasn’t happy with how the premade hazelnut butter looked at the local co-op.  So now I feel hypocritical about the whole CDD thing, as it’s more clear than ever that I suffer from it!

Instead, I give you a slightly-out-of-focus photo of my other big plans for the weekend: Gluten Free Beer taste testing!

Gluten-Free Beer Selection
Gluten-Free Beer Selection

Beer is one of the things I miss most in the Paleo / Primal lifestyle. The last time I had a sip of beer – Flying Dog’s Raging Bitch, one of my all time faves – I felt nauseous almost immediately, which reinforced my realization that I cannot tolerate gluten any more.  None of the beers pictured above are “Paleo” or “Primal” of course because they have some sort of grain in them.  But for an occasional splurge, this may do the trick!

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