This is the blog of one woman trying to find her Lean 6 Life.

But what does that mean?

Lean Six Sigma is a process improvement methodology used in many different corporations. “Lean” focuses on removing waste from the process of creating the end product which delivers value to a customer. While there are eight traditional “wastes” for companies, for people there are basically three: wastes of time, energy and money. If you can reduce whatever in your life wastes your time, energy and money, you can reinvest that savings into discovering, designing and living the life that is right for you.

“Six Sigma” is a related discipline which focuses on improving product quality by reducing variations in that product. In people terms, ‘variation’ would be the difference between the life you ought to be living, the life which is right for you, and the life you are actually slogging through, day in and day out. Most people don’t know what their life should be like, and have never even thought about what could be possible if their life were designed specifically around them. But sometimes, even if you operate primarily on autopilot, intuition or a gut feelings whispers to you, nudges you, nags you, when something is especially ‘right’ (more in tune with your ideal life), or especially ‘wrong’ (a deviation or variation from your ideal life).

This blog is about my own efforts to create and live my ideal life – still very much a work in progress! Here are some things I am working on as part of my journey:

  • Growing in health as I grow in age by withdrawing from the industrial-agricultural-food-production-complex – and its twin, the modern sick-care-industry – and helping others learn to do the same.
  • Enriching my life by reducing mindless consumption of entertainment and material goods peddled by the mass media who constantly project the message ‘who you are and what you have will never be enough… so go buy stuff.’
  • Learning how living with less can actually mean living more.
  • Deepening my spirituality through a deeper connection with nature.

I’m still unsure how to get “there” from “here”, but finding out is part of the fun!


  1. I hadn’t thought about applying six sigma to my own life. I guess my own experience in engineering tended to come up with a ‘shouldn’t have done it that way’ result, and step change, which as it happens is what I did in my own life too! Interesting concept and I’ll keep in touch.

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