The Hardest Hack

Do you read self-help books?

I do. I really enjoy them. Though I’ve stopped calling them “self-help” books – I’m not reading them because I need help! I prefer “Sources of of new ideas, inspirations and influences.” I’m just looking for great new hacks to try!

The hardest hack I’ve read in the past year? Don’t try to fix your weaknesses. Instead, focus on building your strengths, because they are what make you specially and uniquely you. Your strengths are your gift to the world.

This advice runs counter to, well, almost everything else I’ve read in the past forever.  Take memory for instance. My memory. One of my oldest self help books tackles the topic of improving one’s memory. I’ve always struggled with forgetfulness, and sometimes I get ugly, stark reminders of it.
Baby Plants Need More Love
Baby Plants Need More Love

Saving a few bucks by using dirt and Dixie cups? Not worth it! Much better to spend the money on peat pellets and one of those fancy seed-starting “green houses” – modern gardening technology compensates nicely for my absent mindedness!

(I don’t remember which book I read that had the hardest “self hack” of all… when I do, I’ll update this post with the title.)

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