Random Bounty

So I don’t mean to keep posting about gardening – I’ve actually been contemplating some real Lean / Lean Six Sigma-applied-to-life type posts – but hey. Eliminating waste is part of Lean, and much of my gardening is about not-wasting.

Enter: today’s random bounty. While mowing, my husband spotted this weed growing under some other weeds. Only this weed looked, well, like something that might be cultivatable. (No, that is probably not a real word!)


This turns out to be a source of these:

Dish of Japanese wineberries

Japanese wineberries!  Random, weird, wonderful.  This goes along with the wild blackberries, elderberry, and highly unanticipated mulberry tree which have all turned up in our yard this year!

Can I actually make wine of them?  No way to know!  They’ve all been eaten already!

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