Quick N Easy Homemade Eggnog Latte

One of the unintended consequences of moving to the country: it’s MUCH harder to feed my Starbucks habit.  Which is REALLY hard this time of year, when the menu tempts me with such confections as Eggnog Lattes.  Yum.  My favorite of the season.  Easily.  So this morning, I rolled my own!

Small coffee (I used my Keurig to brew 6 oz. of decaf)
Equal portion of eggnog – any brand will do, as long as it’s not low fat
A packet of splenda
A sprinkle of nutmeg

The eggnog will cool the coffee down quite a bit, so be prepared to zap your drink for about 30 seconds in the microwave to warm it back up.

Almost as good as the real deal, much cheaper, and no long lines packed with irate holiday shoppers!

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