The Philosophical Forager

They say that a blog in the hand is worth two in the bush.

Kousa dogwood fruit

OK, that’s not what they say.

I just made that up.

But that proves the point I wanted to make with today’s post. I feel over the past few weeks my content has become, well, thin. My commitment to blog about foraging every Sunday has led to writing for writing’s sake, not because I actually had something meaningful to contribute. Not because I had new discoveries to share. Not because I had something to move forward the conversation of how foraging can help with sustainability and survival in the difficult days ahead.

All this to say, I am changing my approach with this blog. Rather than writing on a forced schedule, I am going to start posting when I actually have something to say. Er, write.

So, the two kousa dogwood (Cornus kousa) fruit you see in the photo above? All I was able to forage this week, and not blog worthy. I’ll be back when it (or anything) is.

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