You guys, this is not a monetized blog. 

I pay extra every month for a “premium” plan so you aren’t inundated with WordPress ads. I could enable different ads, and make a few pennies for the ones you happen to see in your peripheral vision while reading my riveting words. But I’m paying extra to spare my readers from ads, not inflict more on them. (All two of them… hi, mom & dad!)

I toyed with the idea of doing “affiliate” marketing – I certainly post enough links to and other sites – but I don’t want my blog content to change just to get more clicks for revenue.

I make a tiny bit of money through donations (thank you to those generous people!) but that will not cover the costs of a fancy-shmancy WordPress plan that allows me to install plugins for nicely formatted recipes.

And yet, I am trying to feature more recipes, rather than strictly identifying and cataloging the local wild edibles as I have for several years now. “I found and harvested it … now what?” I asked, but most foraging books gave only generic guidance (“use as a potherb”, “sprinkle for garnish”) rather than actual recipes. So I am developing my own. With a focus on simplicity. (I love Maria Viljoen’s book dearly, and find great inspiration in it, but most of the recipes are fancier than what I cook on a daily basis. And WAY fancier than my picky kids would ever eat.)

Better recipes and better photography - I promise! Er… hope...
Better recipes and better photography – I promise! Er… hope…

Long story short – I am trying to manually add recipe-friendly features where appropriate, including the “Jump to Recipe” option for those who want to skip my prose (sobs) and a printable PDF version of the recipe as well. You can see both in action in last week’s post (okay, I may have added the printable PDF feature earlier today!). 

I am also working to improve my food photography (did anyone notice?).

If you find this blog useful or entertaining, please consider pinning some photos to your favorite Pinterest board, sharing the URL with a friend (or 10) who might also enjoy it and – if you have anything to spare in these uncertain times – consider making a small donation to help keep this blog ad- and affiliate-marketing free.

And if there are specific foraging recipes you would like to see, please leave a comment below! 

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