Purge Log, Day 1- Only Small Things

I struggle with clutter.

I own too many possessions. To the degree where they appear to own me.

I have read/listened to many books about decluttering, simplifying, purging, organizing. But I still feel controlled by all my stuff.

Maybe you feel my pain as well?

Today, I begin a series of posts – of indeterminate length – chronicling my ongoing war with things. Maybe by writing about my own challenges, I might inspire someone else and give them hope for their own future. (I mean, assuming I ever reach that desired clutter-free state!)

So, purge log, day 1. I threw away a bottle of children’s cough syrup (cherry flavored!) that expired in 2010. And a handful of unused, leftover Christmas cards from several years ago. They were ridiculously cute, but had gotten crumpled in the container where I had tucked them away.

A view of a mountain silhouetted against a starry sky welcomes you to my purge log
Welcome to My Purge Log

Small things. Very small. Hidden and unseen from the upcoming holiday visitors. But I think previously, I started too large, hit that paralyzing moment when you can’t decide what to do with some possession, and gave up altogether. Maybe by starting small, hidden, and easy, I can build up momentum to actually make a difference this time. Strengthen my decision-making muscles, as it were.

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