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Foraging Fail, Week Ending 07/08/18


This is where the milkweed grew.

Here the milkweed grew

Here the milkweed grew

The milkweed that fed the monarch butterfly caterpillars.

The milkweed that was blooming. The milkweed, a few of whose flowers I was going to transform into liqueur.

The milkweed that later would have produced seedpods to feed my family – okay, maybe just for one meal (that my kids would have hated) – and then spawned future generations of milkweed.

All gone. Sigh.

3 thoughts on “Foraging Fail, Week Ending 07/08/18

  1. I may be betraying my complete ignorance… but what happened to the milkweed? All of it got mowed over?

    • Yes, that’s exactly what happened. Mike had predicted it would get mowed, I just didn’t expect it to be so soon. It had so much left to offer!

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