Happy First Day of Spring!

Spring Arrives in Maryland
Spring arrives in Maryland – bringing with it snow

Of course, I’d already planted something. Peas, last weekend when it was sunny and mid-50s. I recently learned that cold, wet seedlings are susceptible to a fatal fungal disease calling “damping off.” I’m sorry, pea seedlings.

One of my garden goals this year is helping my veggies flourish by giving them an optimal environment: more room to grow, consistent fertilizer, and ideal amounts of sun, warmth and moisture for their needs.



  1. I bet they’ll be fine. They’ll just wait until the soil warms a bit to germinate. We have snow coming tomorrow, and no daffodils in bloom, so the peas are still waiting in their bags and envelopes to be planted. I’m getting very antsy waiting to plant something….ANYTHING but it’s just too darn cold here.

    • Thanks for the words of encouragement! I tried chitting the seeds for the first time this spring, so I’m hoping their little baby roots don’t get too cold under the snow!

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