And Just Like That, We’re Done

Today I Learned … don’t ever, ever trust the weather forecast.

It said the low would be 32 overnight. Everything in my winter bed is hardy to 28 or so. Says I to myself, if they are wrong by a few degrees, no big deal. I chose not to cover the bed with a row cover.

I chose poorly.

They were wrong by NINE degrees. The outdoor thermometer says 23 F. The bed survived one night at 26 with really bad burns on most of the kale. I can’t even bear to look at it today.


Well, next year by this time I will have a low tunnel installed over the winter bed, with actual greenhouse film covering it so I can leave it in place during the day. (The doubled row cover blocks too much of the weak fall sun.)  No experience is ever wasted if you learn from it, right?




  1. Sooooo frustrating! Are you in a cold microclimate. If so, you’ll have to be more careful in the future. But more likely, the weather forecast blew it. Sorry!

  2. Hey, you’re thinking like a farmer now! Always plus-or-minus 10 degrees. Is it too late to add a low tunnel with actual greenhouse covering this year? And here I was feeling sorry for myself for the extra 30 seconds to defrost my windshield.

    My two favorite farmer’s market vendors are starting CSA’s this year, I’m really looking forward to see what they come up with.

    • I’m definitely going to use a low tunnel with greenhouse quality film in the future!

      I was thinking about trying a CSA next year myself! I’m just worried if my own garden does really well I could end up with way more produce than I could use. Although I guess that is a good problem to have.

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