This Is Not the Post You Were Looking For

You were looking for the post on dietary habits and sustainability.

Instead, this is a post on me giving up on coconut milk yogurt.

It wasn’t hard to make. But in the several batches I made, I never felt like it was, well, cultured enough.

Normally the bacteria eat the sugar in cow’s milk.  Coconut milk is low in sugar, so I added maple syrup to give the little guys sugar to eat. But adding extra sugar – even “natural” start like maple syrup – feels wrong to me.

Then the results were never as yogurt-y as it seemed they should be. Even after 24 hours of incubating.

And I never found a store bought coconut milk yogurt that tasted good either, so….back to cow’s milk yogurt (and sinus congestion) for me.


  1. Or you could – and this may be a far-out idea, even insane – you *could* give up yogurt altogether!

    I am updating my diet as well: either rice or quinoa almost every night, with frozen vegetables (boiled) and fruit. No more microwaved food, very little vegan-fake meat. Bought a Zojirushi rice cooker, which is very awesome.

    • No yogurt?? That’s crazy talk!

      But seriously, yogurt meets all my needs for a make-ahead breakfast I can schlepp to work, fits nicely within my dietary preferences (particularly since I use milk from local-ish grass fed cows), and last but not least, helps keep my gut happy. Actually, that’s the most important part of all! Gotta keep my fauna and flora flourishing!

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