My New Hero

I should have posted this last week when I originally read this article after a friend shared it on Facebook. Jenny Trout is an inspiration to me, and to women around the country who just want to love and enjoy their bodies, whatever they may look like, in the face of pressures to be ashamed of the fact that they don’t live up to the (extremely artificial) media ideal.

So despite my earlier post saying that I wouldn’t wear a bikini, I did buy one, and I did wear it, because if Jenny can do it, we all can do it! Let’s learn to love ourselves just the way we are, and enjoy the feeling of sun on our skin! (With plenty of 30 SPF sunscreen on… no need to go crazy!)


  1. Yes, I wondered how you would reconcile the blog post and the new bikini! Here’s the question: if you looked like the woman in the Huffington Post page, would you have gone outside like she did??? I have to say I did just stop eating beans for lunch, even though they give me energy (and my body learned to digest them) since they make my stomach bloat. So everyone has body vanity problems, even me :-(…

    • I think everyone has a mental self-image which may or may not (more often “not”) match how they actually look. That disconnect may be due to a person’s history, subtle or overt influences from friends and family, or societal pressures like the media. The bigger the disconnect, the more I think someone would feel shame about his or her body, whatever the source of the disconnect may be. I’d like to think I feel comfortable enough in my own skin to wear a bikini after Jenny Trout’s fine example, but I just don’t know! On the other hand, I DID get the “you don’t have the body for that!” look from one much younger woman… and the world didn’t end. Nor did I rush back to my room to change into a one-piece. 😉

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