Improvisation is the Rule

Lo, about a month ago, I thought to myself: I am going to start my garden early, and really maximize my yield this year.  …I should buy some Agribon floating row covers for when this wacky weather gets hot, the seedlings start popping, and then the temp drops below freezing. Yeah, that was today. I still don’t have the Agribon. But I do have the best dressed garden in the neighborhood. Behold, my improvised row covers!

Improvisation is the rule
When in doubt, make it up!
Best. Dressed. Garden. EVER.
Best. Dressed. Garden. EVER.

Do flannel-lined plastic table covers really pass for garden protection? Stay tuned for the next installment!

P.S….if you’re standing in the rain, taking photo after photo to get the right shot, you might have a blogging problem!


  1. Wow, a blogging problem along with the Do-It-Yourself problem! I’m surprised you expected more below-freezing weather – somehow I really thought it was all over back in March. We don’t have a garden to cover, but our house is now filled with many flowers and plants!

  2. It “only” got down to 28F here, but that was enough to destroy the handful of asparagus shoots that had come up. Despite the fabulous table cover protectors! The other sprouts (peas, brassicas, etc) survived better.

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