Garden Portrait July 15 2013

No, it is not July 15 anymore. But that was the day I took these pictures, and what better way to celebrate the longest heat wave of the summer (so far) than by admiring a verdant summer garden!

Strawberries outside the front door.  The last of the plants “rescued” from the garden walkway were just transplanted.

Strawberry Bed

Butterfly bed – overgrown because it’s TOO HOT to weed anything inedible!

Butterfly Bed

New picture: the wild blackberries in our overgrowth. Due to the swampy summer so far, the blackberries have actually been delicious this year!

Wild Blackberries

Blueberries auditioning their new location at the edge of the deck:

Lowbush Blueberries

Brown turkey fig on a mobile platform, so it can be moved closer to the house in event of wind. (Like, any storm. At all.)

Brown Turkey Fig

Bed A1 – Prepped for fall planting. (Don’t even ask how the radish seed harvesting project turned out.)  July planting? Whatever in the world?  No, seriously!

Bed A1

Bed A2 – Asparagus

Bed A2

Bed A 3/4 Raspberries – starting to put out their fall flowers.  We’ve since wrapped wire around the outside of the box to support the canes further.Bed A3/4

Bed A5 – Squash – and a watermelon.  Just lost a zucchini to stupid squash vine borers, soon after this picture was taken.
Bed A5 - Summer Squash

Bed B1 – the cherry / grape tomatoes LOVE the trellis.Bed B1

Bed B2 – Spring peas pulled up; first row of fall peas planted.

Bed B2

Bed B3 – best cucumber crop we’ve ever gotten despite the stupid striped cucumber beetles.

Bed B3

Bed B3 – Obverse – What is under the cucumbers? Summer lettuce, protected from the worst afternoon heat by the cucumber leaves.

Bed B3 - Obverse

Bed B4/C4 – Strawberries
Bed B4/C4

Attempts to “catch” the daughter plants to rejuvenate the bed.

Catching Daughter Strawberries

Bed B5 – More squash, more of which were lost to stupid SVB:

Bed B5

Bed C1 – More tomatoes!  Yes the beefsteak in the front is a bit stripped by the, um, stupid tomato hornworm that may have escaped detection despite the careful tomaticures!

Bed C1

Bed C2 – snap beans of the pole and bush variety.  Since heavily damaged by the stupid bean beetles.  (The fence on the left is to keep them off the walkway, not to deter any varmints.)

Bed C2

Bed C3 – Edible flowers.  Not expecting blooms until the weather cools off some.

Bed C3

Bed C5 – Domestic blackberries and annual herbs.Bed C5

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