Two Weeks of Silence

Ok, not literally. But two weeks ago today, I hopped in the car to drive to work and found out that my Sirius XM subscription had expired.

The shock, the denial, the grief!  How was I ever going to survive the commute??

And then the anger and hurt over the fact that they never sent me a renewal reminder. Helloooooo? In today’s economy, how do you miss reminding a customer to re-up an annual subscription?

Finally: the resolution that comes through recognizing an opportunity.  I’m the one always looking for ways to cut back, simplify, reduce, and save.  Here’s my chance to prove I can make these sacrifices.  I am listening to more news (the only FM radio station which lasts all the way from home to work) and audio books. I have even figured out how to play music through my car speakers from my smart phone.  I have, and shall continue to survive without commercial free satellite radio.

Although I am now way more likely to run weekend errands in my husband’s car!

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