Blog, Revisited

Up until recently, it had been almost a year since I last updated this blog. Going back over my old posts, I see it’s mostly recipes and a handful of product reviews – not really the “lean”, or the “quality”, or the “smarter not harder” kinds of posts I’d originally wanted. That drift in focus may have contributed to the year-long hiatus. Not to mention which, it’s hard to blog regularly. Particularly if you try to avoid regurgitating all the other talking heads on the web.

I mean, why blog?  I could just post a daily link to LifeHacker or the latest cute cat video on YouTube. My life would be simpler, and it’s not like anyone is reading anyhow.

But I figure this blog – like most of them – isn’t really about the readers anyway. This one will chronicle my (somewhat spastic and haphazard) attempts to make my life more awesome.  After all, by keeping a journal (online or otherwise) one hopefully tell the difference between motion and actual progress, as the two can easily be confused.

What, you ask, would make my life “more awesome”? Better alignment to my values, which I think is worthy of a whole page unto itself rather than “just” a blog post.


  1. Hi lean6life, I am clearly a reader, so someone is in fact imbibing your wisdom! Perhaps I will be inspired to restart my own blog.

    • I had no idea anyone was still reading! Thanks for the note – I personally find it easier to blog when I feel I’m not just talking to myself. And it’s so much work to blog: it really helps to know what value you get out of it. Regaining some of that clarity is what inspired me to start up again!

  2. You know I’m reading. Sporadically, maybe, but reading nonetheless. After all, you post some of my favorite recipes.

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