Preparedness, Part 2

Our H1N1 Shelter-In-Place plan has been expanded slightly.  It went from “Up to seven days of shelter-in-place due to H1N1” to “What if the power goes out?”  No, we’re not expecting the grid to go down, but given the sudden onset of cold weather, it makes sense that our emergency preparedness should be expanded to include other scenarios.  Like an ice storm with power outages.  *shiver*  That certainly happened throughout the Northeast last year.  We have a well, so without power, we’re also without water. 

I’m still looking for other methods to reduce the spread of H1N1…I wonder if anybody has done studies with Sambucol?  It’s supposed to do wonders for the regular flu and colds.  Another post I read about H1N1 prevention adds gargling with salt water, nasal cleaning, and hot drinks as additional weapons in the anti-H1N1 arsenal.  Bring on the coffee!

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