Fried Green Rainbows

And while we’re talking about recipes to use up supplies before they go bad, let me just say that green tomatoes are not all created equally.

The weather here in the mid-Atlantic states has taken a decided turn for the worst, and the low temp one night was about 35 in my neck of the woods.  During a break in the rain yesterday, I collected some of the few remaining Rainbow tomatoes from my garden.  The Rainbow tomato is an heirloom variety that produces fruit that are variegated red and yellow when ripe, hence the name.  The fruit is much sweeter than your standard Big Boy or Beefsteak, and we were challenged to use them all during the summer because the flesh – while tasty – just didn’t seem “tomatoey” enough for our palates.

Because of the milder flavor, though, I think the Rainbow will make a much better Green Tomato Cake.  Slurp.

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