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Smarter, not harder. Preferrably A LOT smarter.

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If I Were A Business Author

I’ve been reading a lot of business books lately. “Reading” being loosely defined as actual reading, skimming, and listening to audiobooks. I haven’t been keeping up with my book reviews because I’ve been gliding through books at such a swooping speed that I don’t have time to write anything up. (The Power of Less, Drive, and The Passion Plan, to name a few.). And in this reading frenzy, I have decided: I don’t like business books written as parables. If I want to read fiction, I’ll read fiction. Please keep your business book to the facts(-as-you-see-them), please. I’m skimming through Change Your Questions, Change Your Life right now, and while I feel there may be some good points buried in there, and I’m not sure whether it’s worth sifting through all the narration and dialog to try to find them. :-/

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There are lots of people out there looking for part-time entrepreneurial opportunities. Millions of people yearn for a new job that promises endless wealth and working from home all the time. Who doesn’t want more money? Who doesn’t think there’s a way to make money over the internet, if only we could figure out how?

Listen up! Standard rules of common sense still apply on the world wide web!

If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

If the “great new home-based internet business” is just selling you opportunities to sell to others, it is still a pyramid scheme! Run, do not walk, to your nearest bank branch and deposit $50 into a savings account. You’ll be better off in the long run.