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The Limits of Repurposing Stuff

This spring’s lesson: don’t repurpose excess Dixie cups for starting seeds.

The wrong container for starting seeds

Man that’s gross

Seriously. Ewww. The last thing we want around baby plants is this much mold.

Now, emptied K-cups make a great holder for the hydrated peat pellets – they even have a built in hole, whereas I had to (carefully) punch a hole in the bottom of the water cups. But they were very small and all my baby plants quickly out grew them, making them almost more hassle than it was worth.

Maybe some year I’ll break down and buy some “professional” seed starting equipment… Naaaah, probably not.


Improvisation is the Rule

Lo, about a month ago, I thought to myself: I am going to start my garden early, and really maximize my yield this year.  …I should buy some Agribon floating row covers for when this wacky weather gets hot, the seedlings start popping, and then the temp drops below freezing. Yeah, that was today. I still don’t have the Agribon. But I do have the best dressed garden in the neighborhood. Behold, my improvised row covers!

Improvisation is the rule

When in doubt, make it up!

Best. Dressed. Garden. EVER.

Best. Dressed. Garden. EVER.

Do flannel-lined plastic table covers really pass for garden protection? Stay tuned for the next installment!

P.S….if you’re standing in the rain, taking photo after photo to get the right shot, you might have a blogging problem!